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Lawn Care Services

Includes Mowing of Turf, String Trimming of all applicable areas including Garden Edging, Tree Wells, Non-Pop Up Sprinkler Heads, and keeping weeds in sidewalks, driveways, and curbs to a minimum.

Sprinkler Repair Services

Let our staff get your system up and running smooth this spring. Every start up includes a total inspection of your system to ensure no problems exist. Lines, Valves, Heads, Nozzles, and Clock will be Inspected.

Quality Services Are Our Top Priority

A+Landcare was founded in 2001, by a group of grounds maintenance professionals, with over three decades of active experience in the Salt Lake Valley area. Over the years, they have remained dedicated to their mission of customer satisfaction and delivering quality services. This is what qualifies A+Landcare as the top choice for landscape maintenance in the area. The company's courteous and professional staff will put in their best efforts to keep your property looking exactly the way you want it.

A+Landcare provides services both for private, as well as for commercial clients. Their offer includes seasonal and year round services and covers the entire, year-round range of maintenance services.

Flexible Lawn Care Plans to Fit Your Budget

We, at A+Landcare, are budget-conscious and offer competitive prices. Our pricing plans are fully customizable: you can choose one-off services or put together an ongoing payment schedule, to include those services you use most often.

Our clients' satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee quality work, professional integrity and timely services.