A lawn that is well kept and maintained throughout the seasons plays a large part in your life. It helps to increase the value of your home as well as making the home more pleasing to the eye of all that pass by on a daily basis.

The key for creating and keeping an immaculate lawn is consistency in lawn care, such as mulching, mowing and seeding. Most owners find that maintaining this type of consistent lawn care can be too time consuming for their busy schedules and often end up neglecting their lawns. This is where hiring a professional lawn care company like A+ Landcare can give you the lawn you desire, while giving you your time back to keep up with life.

• Saturation is a vital key to maintaining the health of your lawn on a consistent basis. A lawn should be watered a few days each week and monitored to determine how much water the grass and soil are getting. The water should dampen the soil under the grass to a depth of about 6 inches to make sure that the roots are obtaining proper saturation.

• Fertilizer should be used early in the spring and late in the fall to maintain the health of the grass and the soil. The nutrients within the fertilizer assist in making the grass strong against outside forces, such as lack of water and stamping from feet or other heavy sources. All home owners should speak with a lawn care specialist to determine the type of fertilizer that should be used during each season as well as the amount that should be laid down evenly across their lawn.

• Make sure that all weeds, crab grass and pests are treated as soon as possible. These outside sources will cause havoc upon your lawn and will not clear up without proper attention. Most hardware and lawn stores will have an over abundance of materials to rid any grass of these nuisances as well as create a shield of protection for any future attacks. A+ Landcare can manage all of your weed control needs.